Podfund: We invest in media companies that leverage audio as a core strategy to drive audience, brand, and revenue.

How it works

Podfund typically provides funding between $25,000–$150,000 to podcast studios and high-potential creators based on stage, track record, evidence of traction, revenue, and intended use of the funds. In some cases, we may provide a larger initial check and/or follow-on funding. We review applications on a continuous basis and are actively seeking new investment opportunities in audio-driven companies.
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Our investment approaches

We participate in venture funding rounds via traditional equity, convertible notes or SAFE instruments and offer unique revenue financing options.

Podfunded creators

We are looking for extraordinary podcasters with potential for growth, revenue, and profitability. Here are some creators we’ve already supported so far:

Hebah Fisher
Kerning Cultures

Jake Brennan
Double Elvis

Erica Mandy
Malcolm Gladwell
Pushkin Industries
Stacey Book
Fugitive Media
Omar Spahi
Dreamer Comics
Brian Nam
DIVE Studios
Alexandra DiPalma
Domino Sound
Tom Marshall, RJ Bee
Osiris Podcasts


What are your criteria?

We are looking at 3 primary factors:

Poised for growth. We are seeking creators with an entrepreneurial mindset who are focused on developing a successful podcast business.

Evidence of traction. Show us what’s starting to work well and how: episode downloads/listens increasing over time; a passionate fan base; success recruiting additional team members.

Initial revenue. We want to see some early revenue, whether from ad sales, crowdfunding/listener support, live events, merchandise, or other related lines of business.

Are you looking for specific genres/categories?

No. We are open to all, while also weighing factors such as cost of production, market demand, audience potential, longevity, and our overall commitment to quality and diversity.

Beyond capital, what resources do you provide?

We offer a growing list of resources, which includes the peer community of talented Podfunded creators solving similar problems, discovering new opportunities, and sharing hard-earned lessons. We’ve assembled a group of experts across editorial, marketing, ad sales, legal, and finance for our mentor network. Depending on your stage and needs, Podfund provides a toolkit, best practices, and connection to providers for legal incorporation, accounting, and contract templates for talent and business development.

Is Podfund a network?

No. Podfund is a resource for independent podcasters to help you accelerate business growth.

Do you require any exclusivity for distribution or sales?

No. You are free to work with any network, distributor, platform, agency, or sales team best suited to help you succeed. Podfund is happy to help make introductions to potential partners and advise on your business strategy.

Do I need to be incorporated as a business to receive Podfund funds?

Yes, however, if you are not yet, we can help you incorporate as a part of our support. Your status as a business does not affect our consideration of your application.

What can I use the funding for?

Anything (within reason, and the law!) that helps you become a successful, sustainable business. Good examples include: increasing publishing frequency; paying for additional production help; launching a new show; marketing expenses; upgrading necessary equipment; travel necessary to advance production and business development.

Can I use the funding to pay myself?

Yes, if you believe that is a top priority at this stage of your business for it to succeed. In our experience creators have to balance competing needs and limited resources that include their own compensation, especially at the early stages of building a company.

Can I pitch you a brand new podcast/business?

We are not looking for new shows and untested ideas at this point. We may make exceptions for existing creators with a track record of success who are launching additional shows and/or starting a new studio/business.

Is Podfund also supporting podcast tech startups?

No. We are focused on creator-led media companies creating audio content and developing ancillary lines of business.

When do I apply?

As soon as you’re ready. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

How do I apply?

Create an account and fill out our application here.

I’m outside the US. Is Podfund available to me?

Podfund is for global creators and media studios. We encourage creators worldwide to apply.


Are you looking to accelerate a creative, revenue-generating, and impactful podcast business? If so, we’d love to hear from you.